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"In this R&B-ish and folk-ish and country-ish kind of bluesy stuff, it's all about the idea and the song. He put up 5 beautiful songs and he's doing it great. I think he has a point."

- Eike Freese, Producer (Deep Purple, Simon McBride, etc..)

With influences like Prince, CCR, Dire Straits or John Mayer, Jim Carthage brings a fresh take on modern Pop Music. Produced by Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Simon McBride, etc..) at Chameleon Studios Hamburg in Germany, the french gentleman managed to make his debut EP "Ebb & Flow" an elegant mix of Blues, Pop, Funk, R&B and even Country music. They say guitar is dead but if there are artists that will make sure it stays alive, Jim Carthage is one of them.


The 5 song EP is a brilliant combination of catchy melodies, fiery guitar parts and sweet voice to deliver close to the heart lyrics. This EP talks about personal topics that should resonate with every soul: love, home, politics and spirituality. After making his debut in the metal scene 10 years ago, Jim makes a touching record that will take you on a ride along the coast in a nice summer evening.



In this 4 parts documentary, you discover the recording process of Jim Carthage's debut EP "Ebb & Flow" at the Chameleon Studios Hamburg, Germany.

Documentary directed by Pierre Hontas

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